Social Emotional Learning with Academic Development

Transforming school culture through mindfulness, positive psychology in education and SEL/SEAD

Our mission is to inspire innovative teaching and learning through mindful practices by fostering community, developing leadership skills and embracing each individual’s unique genius.

Our Programs

Mind SEAD Endorsement Course for Teacher Licensure

Mindful SEAD is proud to offer a comprehensive online program for Nevada educators seeking a SEAD endorsement. Our program has been approved by the Nevada Department of Education and provides the coursework required to obtain an NDE-approved SEAD endorsement. Each course is worth three college credits and granted through Southern Utah University.

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Leadership Development

Provide leaders with the tools they need to integrate essential practices into their leadership, cultivate a thriving work environment with mindfulness tools and encourage personal wellness to lead with creativity and clarity.

Teacher Focused Professional Learning

Mindful SEAD professional learning services focus on practices to infuse SEL strategies through-out instruction. Content to content.

  • Mindful-based social emotional academic development
  • School safety and mental well-being through positive education Teacher Leader Academy for cultivating the whole teacher. Healthy Minds Lead to Healthy Schools.
  • SEAD Champions: Personalized instruction and MSEL Coaching for mastery learning

NDE/NSHE Partnership for SEAD Endorsement

A coalition of Mindful SEAD, NDE, and Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to bridge and reinforce social-emotional supports to support the teacher pipeline. With a purpose to explore how social and emotional learning competencies and practices, State SEAD resources and support, and related State policies can purposefully reinforce education preparation. And to ensure more equitable learning environments and outcomes for all students’ content standards.

SEAD Leadership Summit

The SEAD Leadership Summit is two days of high-quality sessions presented by some of the nation’s top SEL leaders. Sessions are designed to prepare SEL and SEAD approaches for school and district leadership to implement for self and school culture. The immersive interactive platform offers networking with colleagues from around the state—funded with grants from Title IIA of the Nevada Department of Education.

Higher Ed. Leadership Summit

The Higher Education Leadership Summit is in conjunction with Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows College, Nevada State University and the Nevada Department of Education. The Higher Ed. Leadership Summit is comprised of 2 days of in-person learning sessions to fully support participants and those interested in participating in the Higher Ed Alignment Initiative. Scholarships will be awarded to sixty (60) participants to further the initiative action plan and outcome goals.

MSEL Coaching

Mindful Social-Emotional Leadership Coaching is a brief model of the positive psychology coaching process to empower education leaders with the tools, strategies, and skills to facilitate systemic change in a positive, healthful, and sustainable way. One-on-one coaching and certification course provided to all participants.

SEAD Champions

This initiative has a goal to increase SEAD subject matter expertise and resources across the state specifically for school leaders and administrators. School leaders take on the role of a Champion for SEAD and with support, lead the transformation to a mindful, inclusive socially and emotionally aware school culture.

Online Forum for SEL, SEAD, Trauma- Informed

Mindful SEAD has created a Facebook group specifically to support an open discussion forum and meeting place for mindful educators to support educators and those involved in education to collaborate, learn, and grow around the application of mindful social-emotional learning.Join the Facebook Group